The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Android is finally here with the help of Telltale Games, you can enjoy the final season of the epic series of The Walking dead on your android devices from androidgames4u.com. The game is very famous for its amazing storylines that has the players addicted to the game with some artistic graphics.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Android focus aroudn Clementine who is helping raise the you Alvin Jr in a post apocalyptic worldDownload The Walking Dead: The F where they need to survive against a group of hostile raiders which is lead by someone from Celementine knows pretty well.


The game focuses on Clementine’s efforts to raise young Alvin Jr., AJ, in the post-apocalyptic world, coming to join with a group of troubled teenagers surviving out of their former boarding school. Their path leads them to encounter a hostile group of raiders led by a figure from Clementine’s past. Telltale games is very famous for its heart touching story lines that the players get so into they feel like they are in the game. The movie like gamplay of The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Android makes player choose their action which has a very serious impact on the out come of the game. The players must respond quickly to certain scenario in order to survive, if the player fails to complete the event it will result in the death of Celementine or other characters which results in re reentering the event once again.  Players can interact with object and NPC in the game in order collect certain items or move some object to complete a certain mission.

Downloading The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Android is very simple and easy, just click the Download Button below and in a couple of steps you can enjoy The Walking Dead: The Final Season in your Android devices.