About Team Sonic Racing for IOS Devices

Team Sonic Racing for IOS devices is here after a very long wait sega has finally brought its popular game on IOS devices.Team Sonic Racing for IOS is a Kart Racing game where you can choose among 15 characters of the sonic series with each characters having unique different abilities, so use all the means necessary to win the race. Play as your favorite characters from sonic to win an amazing race that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Team Sonic Racing for IOSis a Kart racing single player or a multiplayer games where players race other characters as a part of a team of racers where they must work together to win the race as opposed to other kart racing games where the players play as individuals. With unique abilities like speed technique and power available to the player it is a complete different game as you select different characters in the game. Players can play in a third person views so that they can see the entirety of the view, player also get some temporary abilities that are available throughout the track in Team Sonic Racing for IOS which can be used in an offensive or Defensive way depending on the players position. There are variety of different tracks and characters throughout Team Sonic Racing for IOS so players can never feel that the game is repetitive, plus there is a multiplayer feature available so the players can play with there friends against other around the world to climb the world rank. Team Sonic Racing for IOS also provides different power ups throughout the track which can be used in an offensive or defensive move depending on the position you are in.

How to Download
*Go to http://androidgames4u.com/
*Team Sonic Racing for IOS
*Look for the Download Button
*Complete a small verification
*Install Crash Team Team Sonic Racing for IOS
*Enjoy the Game!!

Hurry and download Team Sonic Racing for IOS by just clicking the Download Button below for your IOS device like IPhone and IPADs.