Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc is a turn-based tactical role-playing video game developed and published by Ubisoft for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, IOS and Android. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc is a crossover of Nintendo’s Mario and Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids franchises, and was released worldwide in August 2017.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc features turn-based combat and elements of exploration. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc features eight playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi from the Mario franchise, and four Rabbids dressed as the former. The characters wield guns that shoot laser beams. The game features two-player local cooperative play.

A young girl, a big fan of Mario and his games and a skilled inventor, is working in the basement of her home with her AI assistant, Beep-O, to finish off her latest creation called the SupaMerge helmet – a device that can merge any two objects it targets into a single entity, in the hopes it could solve an energy crisis. However, the helmet has an overheating problem when merging a flower with a lamp. After leaving to take a lunch break, her basement is suddenly invaded by a group of Rabbids via their Time Washing Machine, who start to explore and cause chaos with her stuff. One of the Rabbids soon takes a keen interest in the SupaMerge helmet and puts it on, before messing around with it, merging one Rabbid with a wig and the girl’s phone and changing him into Princess Peach Rabbid, another with a red object into Mario Rabbid, and another with a toy sunflower and some glasses into a living Sunflower. But in having fun with the helmet, the Rabbid strikes the Time Washing Machine, sucking all of the Rabbids, Beep-O, and the girl’s stuff, into a dimensional vortex.


Download Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc and enjoy this amazing crossover game that envoles your favorite characters from Mario and Raving Rabbids. Just click the Download Button below and play Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Pc one of the most fun and addictive Turn based role playing game available right now



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