Are you guys ready cause we finally have got Jump Force For Android devices. It has taken some time but Bandai Namco Entertainment has finally brought Jump Force for your android devices.All the characters are present in the console and PC version are available in the Mobile version aswell. It is the first time that a major Bandai Namco game is brought in the mobile version.

Jump Force for Android is a typical fighting game which combine many of Bandai Namcos anime series The game’s roster features 40 playable characters from 16 different series, with nine other additional characters are planned to be added via downloadable content in the first Season Pass for a total of 49 characters. In addition, players must also create their own unique playable character, customizing them with abilities, outfits and accessories earned through game which makes a total of 50 playable characters in Jump Force For android.

With so many characters from different series present in Jump Force for Android almost all the favorite characters of the players will be available for them to play with. The players can also go online and battle it out with other players. The controls on the mobile version is also a lot easier with all the buttons present on the screen so that the players can just tap the buttons to execute all the action. Players first play as their own customized player to save the world from freeza and ear variety of abilities and costumes to customize their player as they want

Don’t miss the chance to play this amazing game for the first time in your android devices. Its very easy and simple to Download as well just click the Download Button below and start enjoy the game with mostly all your anime character and save the world with them.